If you are viewing this page, then your browser is likely incompatible with the web version of the application. The following gives instructions on filling out a PDF version of the application instead. It is recommended that you go here to troubleshoot the web version so that you do not have to manually fill out and email a PDF.

Click here to attempt to load the web version

  • You will be brought back here if your browser is incompatible

Please read the following directions carefully:

  • This is best done on a desktop
  • Grab a copy of the application here
  • The PDF has inputs that you can fill out directly within a PDF viewer
    • You do not need to print out the PDF [unless you want to]
  • Your browser may prompt you to download the PDF
    • In this case, you will need a PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader
    • Note: make sure to uncheck any of the McAfee "Optional Offers"
  • The PDF may display directly within your browser
    • In this case you don't need Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Chrome Users:
    • You should be able to fill out the application from the browser
    • However, downloading the PDF will not save your inputs
    • You must click the print button and print to a PDF
    • Look for Destination > Save as PDF
  • Before closing out of the PDF, ensure your inputs have been saved
    • Re-open the saved PDF to make sure your inputs were saved
  • Email your application as an attachment to murrayb@smsrail.com
    • Double check that your not sending a blank application